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Easy Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

By Monday, June 08, 2015

One of the initial shocks of the switch to a healthy diet is realising you can't just grab something easy to eat from a shop in town like you used to, you have to actively search for somewhere that does suitable food. And unfortunately that food tends to be VERY expensive.

If you're a student or on a budget, you can't afford to be getting gourmet quinoa salads from a vegan cafe for lunch everyday, you need to figure out a cheaper option, which is where packed lunches come in.

I'm a big fan of a packed lunch, whether it's on a conference/trip with school, long car journey or holiday or just a day of lessons, it makes my life easier to know I have something with me that I can definitely eat and it won't make me feel bad afterwards because of ingredients I wasn't aware of.

Packed lunch ideas

The humble sandwich. It doesn't have to be a cheese and mayonnaise sandwich in white bread rolls (which I had in my lunchbox everyday for about 10 years as a child) you can try hummus, tomato and lettuce, avocado and salad, grilled veggies and hummus, so many options!

Stirfries. Leftover from dinner works great, just make double what you usually do and throw it in a lunchbox for later. I love brown rice with stirfried veggies for lunch!

Pasta. Homemade basil walnut pesto and roasted butternut squash is my fave combo. But what about a pasta salad? Just throw in some chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, celery and whatever else you fancy, make a dressing with some olive oil and vinegar, some salt and pepper and done! A tomato and basil pasta sauce is tasty too.

Wraps, Same as a sandwich, fill it up with yummy stuff, falafel with salad and hummus? Roasted veggies and hummus? Your pick.

Veggies and crackers/ricecakes with hummus. Simple and tasty and fun to snack on. I like cucumber, radishes, raw cauliflower, raw capsicum pepper, carrot sticks etc to dip into my hummus and then either rice cakes or buckwheat crispbreads to spread hummus on.

Snacks for your lunchbox

Rather than just eating a big lunch, it's nice to have some extra snacks to tide you over a long day and keep you energised and alert. I like making my own little pots of trail mix with dried fruit and nuts, taking fresh fruit like bananas, oranges, apples or pears, some sort of homebaking or bliss balls, or savoury things like veggies and hummus, pitta bread and hummus etc.

Stay hydrated

A big bottle of water is a must. If you want to liven it up, maybe add some fruit- lemon, strawberries, etc, to add some flavour. You could also bring some herbal tea bags with you, I always have some green tea bags!

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