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Pip&Nut Nut Butters

By Friday, March 06, 2015

If there is someone out there who loves nut butters more than me I dare you to prove it. I have it on everything! Breakfast isn't really complete without a dollop of it and it features in a lot of my snacks too. So when the lovely Pippa asked me if I wanted to try some samples of their nut butters, I had to say yes!

It's really nice to support small companies- Google Pip and Nut and you can find out about how Pippa left her unfulfilling job in London to launch the company she believed in just last year. It's wonderful to see young people breaking into business and launching companies related to the things they love. It's inspiring to see people take their passions and turn it into a business and a career!

I got some of the handy little squeeze packs of the plain peanut butter, plain almond butter and the coconut almond butter. What's really good is that there is no added palm oil, which is a major issue for ethical vegans because a lot of forests are being destroyed and wildlife displaced to grow trees to produce palm oil. Plus less oil = more nuts which isn't a bad thing.

The coconut almond butter is super tasty. A lot runnier than normal almond butter, it's quite sweet due to the addition of a little agave nectar, so it's slightly different to what you might expect. I think this would be perfect on toast, it would have a nice spreadable texture due to being thinner than regular nut butter.

The plain peanut butter and almond butter are so good too. They're packed full of nuttiness with a hint of salt to bring out the flavour. 10/10 impressed. Love all natural nut butters.

Check out Pippa's company and delicious nut butters at

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