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My Current Beauty Regime/Products I use

By Friday, March 06, 2015

I love sharing natural beauty products with you all! I believe that a healthy and cruelty free lifestyle is more than just the food you put in your body, it's also about what you put on your body. I want to avoid as many weird chemicals as possible and stick to things that haven't been synthesised in a lab and have unknown risks.

I've been using some new brands recently, mixing it up and finding what works best for my skin and hair. I like trying out new brands and finding the best stuff for me!


I've been using Apsara's neem cleanser recently and I like how it bubbles up lots so you don't have to use loads and it lasts for ages. It's good because it's meant for combination skin and so it cleanses deeply but it doesn't dry out the less oily parts of my face.

I've stuck to my usual Amie morning dew moisturiser but I have been using a few drops of Sukin rosehip oil in place of moisturiser recently and I really like the dewy complexion it gives me. If I use a few drops before bed, my looks looks really clear and glowing when I wake up. I find it helps with evening out skin tone and redness.

I've seen lots of hype about the rotating facial cleanser brushes and I recently got a Spin Brush from Vanity Planet. I use it with my cleanser a few times a week to cleanse deeply and get any dirt and oil and such out of my pores. I find it really good!


I've been using coconut oil as a hair mask for a while now but it's only recently I've tried some of the products on the market. Lani and Hello Hair are two really nice coconut oil based leave in deep conditioning treatments that leave your hair in amazing condition and smelling wonderful.

I've been trying out the cruelty free extracts range from Superdrug which is a real bargain at only £1.99 at bottle. I'm trying to find alternatives to my beloved Lush that are going to suit my student budget at university better when I start in September!


I've been using this fab natural sugar and coffee body scrub from Body Blendz in the shower recently. I have the 'Suga Daddy' one, which good for targetting scars such as stretchmarks or acne, ingrown hairs and any little bumpy bits on your skin. I like using it on my pale and flaky winter legs to make the skin softer and nicer and it's a great thing to do before self tanning to make sure you don't get streaky, it gets rid of the dead skin for you.

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