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Imbibery Coldpressed Juices and Raw Nut Mylks

By Monday, March 09, 2015

Imbibery London is a company I've been seeing a lot of Instagram recently. They're a funky London based company raw pressing juices full of nutrients and making tasty raw nut mylks too. Drinking a green juice is a great way to pack in extra veggie goodness alongside your usual meals and really nourish your body. They're targetting those jetsetting in and out of London, busybees who are often suffering from jetlag due to lots of flying. It's about replenishing your body with nutrients when your body is under stress.

I was very excited when I got contacted about trying some of their yummy juices and since the cute chiller bag with juice bottles arrived I've been fuelling my body with extra fruit and vegetable nutrients for extra energy. I like how specific juices target specific health issues, some are good for blocked sinuses and inflammation, some kick start your metabolism and immune system and some like the coffee almond mylk are just super tasty!


The team and Imbibery say that there will always be some juices which are your favourites and some which are not, though I really enjoyed all of mine!

I'd never had a beetroot juice before and whilst the first sip was a bit weird, I began to enjoy it as I got further through. The flavour was really earthy and different! I can now say that the beetroot juice health trend- done it! It contains: beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. This juice flushes out toxins, relieves constipation, and aids digestion. It's a great juice to turn to during cold and flu season as it relieves congestion and sinus problems.

I really enjoyed the taste of the exotic one and the spicy limeade. They were quite sweet and I liked the kick of cayenne in the limeade and the gingery kick in the exotic. The exotic is just pineapple and ginger, whilst the spicy limeade is lime, lemon, water, cayenne pepper and agave nectar.

The green one I found to be very celeryish, not as nice as the others! I would have liked more spinach and cucumber and less celery personally, not a celery lover! This one had spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon and is great to aid digestion and eliminate any puffiness and bloating.

The green lemonade was nice too, really punchy lemon flavour that was very refreshing. It had lemon, spinach, pineapple and water. It's a good way to re-hydrate!


The coffee almond milk was yum and so was the cashew mylk, but the cacao mylk was my favourite. Such a yummy flavour, super nutritious chocolate milk mmmm. The mind mylk has quite a strong green tea flavour because of the matcha, so it wasn't my favourite out of all of them, but a lot of people absolutely love it!

Overall very impressed with the quality of Imbibery's juices and mylks, they're not cheap but you really do get what you pay for- great taste and high nutrient value. The perfect way to add extra goodness into your diet. Check them out at

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