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Spring Menu Tasting at Tibits

By Monday, February 23, 2015

Tibits is one of my favourite restaurants in London, it's an all vegetarian buffet, with loads of vegan options too. The food is all fresh and prepared on site and the menu changes seasonally. Whenever I go to London I'm always taking my friends or my family there! 

Tibits was started by 3 vegetarian brothers and the owners of the oldest vegetarian restaurant restaurant in the world, Hiltl. It was created in Switzerland in 2000 and came to London in 2008 where it has been a favourite of local vegetarians for years!

I was lucky enough to be invited enough to their spring menu lunch where I could meet the staff, chat to the chefs about the food and try all the dishes they had created in their test kitchen in Switzerland to see which should be on the spring menu!

We started off with a delicious orange and blackcurrant juice

My delicious (first!) plate of food

My friend Bethany came along as a guest and loved her plate of food!

Chocolate chai and strawberry rhubarb creme for dessert. All vegan!
Now after all those food photos I can tell you about some of my favourite dishes- the vegan potato gratin, the tofu au vin, the green beans with walnuts (a Tibits classic!), the roasted red pepper hummus, the rice noodle salad and of course the bircher muesli which I have to have for dessert every single time!

A great thing about Tibits is that it's a really casual, funky kind of place. People who aren't vegetarian/vegan won't be scared away by it being too 'hippy' or 'alternative', it's a seriously amazing building with a cool cocktail bar. It's right in the centre of London, just off Regent Street, so it's a great place for lunch if you're having a day shopping.

The restaurant is a buffet and works on the concept of filling your plate with whatever you want to eat, taking the plate up to the counter for it be weighed, paying for it and then sitting down to eat! Because its a self service restaurant, it works great for those with allergies or food intolerances as you can read the labels on the dishes and know which you can and cannot eat. You pay for what you get, so if you have a small appetite you don't have to pay for a big portion of food that you don't finish. It's really good for minimising food wastage. The food boat is full of cold dishes on the bottom layer and hot dishes on the upper layer, with dips, sauces, dressings and toppings at the ends too.

If you want to check out Tibits in London, or any of their restaurants in Switzerland, look on their website:

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  1. This looks amazing!! :) Is there a lot of soy free dishes available as well? xx

    1. Most things are soy free, its vegetable/grain based usually. The food is all allergy labelled as well so you know which are soy free!