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Tahini- What is it and what do you do with it?!

By Thursday, May 15, 2014

As a self confessed tahini addict I feel as if it is my duty to inform you all about tahini and why I love it. Tahini is what I describe as 'the peanut butter of sesame seeds'. To make the hulled light tahini, sesame seeds are soaked in water and then are crushed to separate the seed from the 'skin' and then toasted and blended up to make an oily paste. For the darker unhulled tahini, the 'skin' stays on. 

Tahini is a popular part of Middle Eastern cuisine, from Turkey to Greece to Iraq. It can be used to make sweet desserts, savoury sauces or to make hummus. I love mine drizzled onto almost everything! But what does it taste like? The jury is out. To me it's like a very runnym oily and light sort of peanut butter. It's a little bit bitter and just kind of tastes like sesame seeds!

My favourite sweet ways to use tahini
  • Drizzled onto oatmeal
  • Drizzled onto pancakes
  • Drizzled on coconut yoghurt + granola
  • Spread on toast with a little maple syrup
  • Spread onto 'banana boats' with some cacao nibs
  • Dipping super ripe bananas into the jar
  • Drizzled all over chunks of mango
  • Filling a medjool date with a brazil nut and dipping it in the jar
  • Dried figs dipped into the jar
  • Drizzled on coconut milk ice cream 
  • Making date + tahini balls in the food processor and rolling in crushed nuts
My favourite savoury ways to use tahini:

  • Mixed with water + lemon juice + garlic to make a salad dressing
  • Drizzled over soba noodles
  • Drizzled over roasted vegetables
  • Drizzled over salads
  • Drizzled on avocado toast
  • Drizzled over sweet potato fries
  • Making hummus
  • Making baba ganoush
Why is tahini so good?

Well, once you get over the slightly bitter taste, it's delicious! It's also an amazing source of calcium, protein, copper and manganese in a vegan diet and a great source of healthy fats like omega 3's. 

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  1. I actually just purchased a jar of Tahini myself and I've been looking for ways to use it! I haven't opened it yet (because I'm slightly intimidated) and I have heard that it is really bitter. But I like the taste of sesame seeds so I'm really hoping I'll enjoy Tahini as well. Thank you for this post as well sweetie x

  2. where can i buy it??

    1. Supermarkets, health food stores, etc