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By Friday, May 16, 2014 ,

As someone who is passionate about health and wellbeing, I seek to live a natural and cruelty free life. Not just in the food I eat, but also in the products I use in my everyday life. Why eat a healthy diet and then smear chemicals all over your body?!

It's easier than you think to find natural cruelty free products and not only are they free of the harmful chemicals that you don't want to be putting on yourself, but they are also free of animal products and do not test on animals.

Out of my own experimentation I have managed to find products which fit my criteria but also don't cost a fortune, which ticks all the boxes. By sharing them with you I hope you be able to inspire you to try and make more conscious choices about the products you buy and the companies you choose to support. Every little change makes a difference to your health and to the world!

These aren't paid endorsements and I haven't been sent any of these for free, these are just my honest recommendations of what products work for me. If you have any more recommendations please let me know, I'd love to try new brands!


Whenever I have tried eco shampoo + conditioner in the past I was quite disappointed. Not only did my hair smell weird, but the shampoo didn't bubble and my hair never got clean! For Christmas my Mum purchased me the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and Veganese conditioner. I was very impressed. The shampoo bubbles up really well and smells delicious, plus it's totally vegan friendly. The best part is, you hardly need any and the bottle lasts forever. I'm not joking when I say I'm still using the same 500g bottle now that I got for Christmas! At £14.50 it's an investment, but considering it lasted me the last week of December, plus all of January, February, March, April and May, I think it is worth it! Likewise, the veganese conditioner has also lasted me forever, smells amazing and works like a dream. Lush has long been a favourite of mine and I love their ethics and their prodcuts.


As someone who has suffered from acne in the past, my skin is something which is very important to me. I eat a good diet, drink lots of water, keep my face clean and engage in regular exercise and these days my acne is under control. However good quality face products are a must! I am for gentle products with minimal ingredients.

When I was using harsh chemical acne creams, my saviour was the Lush Fresh Farmacy cleansing bar, as it calmed down my very red and sore skin. It was the ONLY product which didn't make my skin flake off and it was a life saver. If you have very sensitive delicate skin, USE THIS!

These days, now I am off the acne creams, my skin is a lot more tolerant of slightly more abrasive products. I currently use Amie brand facial wash and it works brilliantly. It gets rid of makeup, dirt and oil but it's all natural and cruelty free. I also use their morning dew moisturiser.

Something else I have recently discovered and I am crazy about is rosehip oil. I use it as a moisturiser at night after cleansing and it has made a real difference to the quality of my skin. Rosehip oil is supposed to be great for the texture of your skin and for acne scarring and blemishes, plus using oils like rosehip oil help to restore the balance of oils in your skin and prevent your skin from getting oily. I use Sukin brand rosehip oil which is an organic brand from Australia.


Currently we have the best body wash ever in our shower. It's this crazy delicious flavour called Vanilla Biscuit by a brand called The Little Bubble Company and if you live in England you need to try this. Not tested on animals, paraben free and smells incredible.

We also have the Little Bubble Company's Coconut Creme hand wash in our kitchen and it makes me want to voluntarily wash my hands after everything just so I can smell it. Seriously this stuff is amazing.


Whilst I am lucky enough to live at home (and not have to do much cleaning woohoo!) it is important to my family to avoid harsh chemicals and protect our sensitive skin. For laundry and washing up we use the Ecover brand. They work just as well as normal products, you use less of them and they're better for the planet and for animals.

If you have more suggestions, comment below!

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  1. Hey Siobhan,

    I've been such a big fan of Lush as well, until I realised that most of their products are not as good as they make them out to be. Several of their products, like all their shampoos, face creams, body lotions and most of their face scrubs have either parabens or sulphates (SLS, SLES) in them. Most of their fresh face masks (the concept of which I absolutely adore) unfortunately have talc in them - baby powder!!! Talc is super poisonous! So it's always worth checking some of their ingredients before you buy their stuff, I was super disappointed when I found out because they've been my favourite brand for ages!

    1. That's a real shame- I'll have to keep an eye out!

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