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Cookware and Appliances I Use

By Saturday, May 17, 2014

Being a 19 year old that still lives at home, I don't have a kitchen full of gadgets, but I do have all the basics necessary for whipping up tasty meals. Below I share the things I use in order to whip up my meals!

Food Processor

I get a lot of questions about the food processor I use, it's a Magimix 3200. It's compact, so it doesn't have over my kitchen bench, but it's fairly high powered and does everything I want it to. I use it almost on a daily basis, so it's very handy that the bowls are dishwasher safe! If you're looking to buy a food processor, have a look around and ideally find a really good one that's on sale for a cheap price, rather than a cheaper one at ordinary price. If you want it to have a good motor and last forever, you want quality!We got our food processor back in about 2010 and it is simply invaluable. It makes everything quicker and easier, plus it means I can make homemade pestos and nut butters too!

Hand Blender

Since I'm not much of a smoothie person, I don't own an actual blender, and I don't really want one! My food processor chops everything up and my hand blender is ideal for liquidising soups. It's especially useful as you don't need to transfer the hot soup into a blender jug, but simply blend it in the saucepan you cooked it in, which saves washing up! Ours isn't anything fancy, it's just a Russell Hobbs and it does the job!

Hand Mixer

It's not something I use much, considering I don't need to whisk up egg whites anymore, but if I am whipping up some coconut cream, such as the icing for my carrot cake, I use a Dualit Hand Mixer. It's my Mum's pride and joy and although I don't use it much, I do admire it!

Frying Pans/Saucepans

I'm a long term devotee to Tefal. Non stick pans are lifesavers and make such a difference to the quality of your food, I definitely recommend finding a brand you like and sticking with them!

Cooking Pots

If I had to name one investment for every cook to make, it is definitely, definitely Le Creuset. We have two big Le Creuset cooking pots and they make such a difference to the food. They weigh a tonne because they're cast iron, but they distribute the heat so evenly and it just seems to make a far more successful soup/curry/stew! They're worth the price, definitely, but it's even better to get them on sale!

Dinnerware and Cutlery

I'm not joking when I say everything we have is Ikea. Our bowls, plates, glasses and cutlery all came from the wonderful store that is Ikea. Modern + affordable, what could be better?!

Yoghurt Maker

So far coconut yoghurt making has been a bit of a challenge and I am yet to completely perfect it, so no recipe yet, but I definitely recommend my yoghurt maker! I got a Salter brand yoghurt maker for my birthday and it is great, it's fairly compact so it doesn't take up loads of room on my kitchen bench, plus it's easily disassembled for sterilising.

Ice Cream Maker

I'm yet to try this baby but goodness am I excited! I got a Magimix brand icecream maker for my birthday and I cannot wait to make a million fruity flavours of coconut milk ice cream!

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  1. Thank you for posting this Siobhan! I've always wondered about the kinds of appliances food bloggers use because I'm always on the look out for some recommendations :)

  2. What about your ice cream maker and your yoghurt maker? :)

    1. GOOD POINT!
      Although I haven't used them much so I thought I might wait until I can give a proper recommendation on them :)

  3. Siobhan, how do you store your food? I really want to get some containers for each thing but then I'd have to get so many containers!

    1. I have lots of old jars from jam/peanut butter to store nuts and grains, and then cooked food just goes in tupperware containers :)

  4. Hi Siobhan, thanks! I also adore nonstick pans but get nervous about overheating them - purportedly allowing the carcinogens in the coating to start breaking down, etc. How do you maintain a safe temperature with recipes that require high heat?