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I've been working on swapping to eco friendly and fairtrade products. Why, you may ask? Well, I think the conditions in sweatshops are appalling and I want to help make a small change by buying products from brands that pay their workers a fair wage. Why else? Because I don't want to purchase products that contribute to climate change, deforestation or chemical pollution.

Vegans see themselves on the same level as other animals. We all inhabit earth and we are all interconnected, we can't be selfish and act like the planet is disposable! If everyone tries to make a shift to buying eco friendly and fairtrade products, we can show the big companies that we don't support their unethical practices and make changes. We may be small individually, but together we can make a big difference!

Lets start off with my big organic cotton bath towel. I was very excited when I opened it, it's very soft and it's absolutely huge. I can cocoon my whole body in it! It's super absorbent too (just throw it in the washing machine before you first use it so you don't get covered in bits of fluff!) It's made from undyed and unbleached cotton so its not full of chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. If you have eczema or allergies, trying natural fibres for your clothing, towel and bedding is really recommended. Plus buying organic cotton means better conditions for the workers, as they're not exposed to all 

I also tried a pair of their organic cotton socks. These socks are seriously so soft, they feel lovely. They're thin enough to be worn as dress socks for a male, but also warm enough to be a pair of everyday socks. Super lightweight and comfortable, they're a great addition to your sock draw! Great for those with sensitive skin. I'm planning to stock up on some of their sports socks soon!

Can I just become a professional chocolate reviewer?! This is a lot of fun, perks of blogging for sure, getting to try out lots of delicious stuff and say what I think!

I got to try out the vanilla, orange and original dark bars of chocolate and the very yummy raw florentinis. My favourite was the orange because I'm a real sucker for chocolate orange! I think it's such a tasty combination.

I really enjoyed the texture of the bars in general, the bar was thin and crisp, just like a proper bar of dark chocolate. It was just sweet enough, not too much, but enough to balance out the bitter of the cacao. The chocolate itself was nice and smooth, sometimes you find that raw chocolate is a little bit grainy but that wasn't an issue. It was creamy without being too much and it had a nice flavour.

The bars themselves are really nice, the packaging is cute and I love how instead of being in the standard squares, the bars are decorated with leaf patterns and the bar can be broken into pieces down the spaces between the leaves. It's a unique touch, goes nicely with the idea of the natural and ethically product.

"Our Florentinis are made using our plain dark chocolate which is free from dairy, refined cane sugar, gluten and anything artificial. We make little cups of chocolate and then top them with the finest goji berries, pistachios, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The chocolate is sweetened using agave nectar, which has a low GI of between 15-30."

The florentinis I thought were a really ingenious idea, really unique. It worked really well to have the little raw chocolate discs with seeds and dried fruit set into them, although I think it would have been yummier to have the florentinis a little thicker each so you have more to bite into!

They're really cute looking and packaged really nicely, they would make a lovely gift or even little canapes at a gathering or party. Super tasty. Chocolate that isn't full of nasties- great!

Imbibery London is a company I've been seeing a lot of Instagram recently. They're a funky London based company raw pressing juices full of nutrients and making tasty raw nut mylks too. Drinking a green juice is a great way to pack in extra veggie goodness alongside your usual meals and really nourish your body. They're targetting those jetsetting in and out of London, busybees who are often suffering from jetlag due to lots of flying. It's about replenishing your body with nutrients when your body is under stress.

I was very excited when I got contacted about trying some of their yummy juices and since the cute chiller bag with juice bottles arrived I've been fuelling my body with extra fruit and vegetable nutrients for extra energy. I like how specific juices target specific health issues, some are good for blocked sinuses and inflammation, some kick start your metabolism and immune system and some like the coffee almond mylk are just super tasty!


The team and Imbibery say that there will always be some juices which are your favourites and some which are not, though I really enjoyed all of mine!

I'd never had a beetroot juice before and whilst the first sip was a bit weird, I began to enjoy it as I got further through. The flavour was really earthy and different! I can now say that the beetroot juice health trend- done it! It contains: beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. This juice flushes out toxins, relieves constipation, and aids digestion. It's a great juice to turn to during cold and flu season as it relieves congestion and sinus problems.

I really enjoyed the taste of the exotic one and the spicy limeade. They were quite sweet and I liked the kick of cayenne in the limeade and the gingery kick in the exotic. The exotic is just pineapple and ginger, whilst the spicy limeade is lime, lemon, water, cayenne pepper and agave nectar.

The green one I found to be very celeryish, not as nice as the others! I would have liked more spinach and cucumber and less celery personally, not a celery lover! This one had spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon and is great to aid digestion and eliminate any puffiness and bloating.

The green lemonade was nice too, really punchy lemon flavour that was very refreshing. It had lemon, spinach, pineapple and water. It's a good way to re-hydrate!


The coffee almond milk was yum and so was the cashew mylk, but the cacao mylk was my favourite. Such a yummy flavour, super nutritious chocolate milk mmmm. The mind mylk has quite a strong green tea flavour because of the matcha, so it wasn't my favourite out of all of them, but a lot of people absolutely love it!

Overall very impressed with the quality of Imbibery's juices and mylks, they're not cheap but you really do get what you pay for- great taste and high nutrient value. The perfect way to add extra goodness into your diet. Check them out at

I was lucky enough to receive a box of samples of kombucha recently, a health food drink which I had never tried before!

Kombucha is an ancient drink made of fermented sweetened green tea. It contains a probiotic culture made of a mixture of good bacteria and yeast which means it's great for digestive health and also naturally carbonated. So to put that into simple terms, it's like sweet and fizzy green tea in a bottle. Bizarre, right?

But don't knock it till you've tried it, I've heard such good things about it and I was eager to try it, especially since this particular brand is a UK brand!

My two favourites are the ones below:

The ginger one is like drinking ginger beer but with a slight twang from the yeast which almost makes it taste a little bit alcoholic. It's refreshing and it is just fizzy enough to make your tongue tingle when you take a swig!

The wild berry one has a nice fruity kick to it, It's a pretty pink colour and it's sweet, but also reminds me of herbal tea at the same time. It's also a little fizzy, like a healthier version of your usual fizzy drinks.

Definitely give them a go! Check out

If there is someone out there who loves nut butters more than me I dare you to prove it. I have it on everything! Breakfast isn't really complete without a dollop of it and it features in a lot of my snacks too. So when the lovely Pippa asked me if I wanted to try some samples of their nut butters, I had to say yes!

It's really nice to support small companies- Google Pip and Nut and you can find out about how Pippa left her unfulfilling job in London to launch the company she believed in just last year. It's wonderful to see young people breaking into business and launching companies related to the things they love. It's inspiring to see people take their passions and turn it into a business and a career!

I got some of the handy little squeeze packs of the plain peanut butter, plain almond butter and the coconut almond butter. What's really good is that there is no added palm oil, which is a major issue for ethical vegans because a lot of forests are being destroyed and wildlife displaced to grow trees to produce palm oil. Plus less oil = more nuts which isn't a bad thing.

The coconut almond butter is super tasty. A lot runnier than normal almond butter, it's quite sweet due to the addition of a little agave nectar, so it's slightly different to what you might expect. I think this would be perfect on toast, it would have a nice spreadable texture due to being thinner than regular nut butter.

The plain peanut butter and almond butter are so good too. They're packed full of nuttiness with a hint of salt to bring out the flavour. 10/10 impressed. Love all natural nut butters.

Check out Pippa's company and delicious nut butters at

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Nama Foods for dinner back in November last year for a meeting with the other Zico ambassadors. It was an amazing experience, I never knew raw food could be so incredible!

Nama is tucked away on a quiet road in the swanky Notting Hill, and it's like a vegan foodie's heaven. The bar menu is full of different smoothies and juices, the food menu is a paradise of raw lasagna, mexican wraps, cheesecake and chocolate truffles.

I had the most amazing raw mexican wrap for my starter, the guacamole and cashew sour cream was amazing with the salad and it was so packed full of flavour and textures. So incredible looking too!

My main was a super delicious raw pad thai, such a yummy spicy and peanutty sauce. It was a tower of deliciousness, so filling and so nourishing. You felt so good after eating it!

Dessert was insanely good, we got a platter of all the raw desserts because we just couldn't pick. Raw blueberry cheesecake, raw chocolate cheesecake, raw key lime pie, raw chocolate caramel bites... Ridiculously good.

Nama was a truly wonderful experience, such a lovely place to dine at. The staff were super friendly and helpful and the food was delicious! Check them out
I love sharing natural beauty products with you all! I believe that a healthy and cruelty free lifestyle is more than just the food you put in your body, it's also about what you put on your body. I want to avoid as many weird chemicals as possible and stick to things that haven't been synthesised in a lab and have unknown risks.

I've been using some new brands recently, mixing it up and finding what works best for my skin and hair. I like trying out new brands and finding the best stuff for me!


I've been using Apsara's neem cleanser recently and I like how it bubbles up lots so you don't have to use loads and it lasts for ages. It's good because it's meant for combination skin and so it cleanses deeply but it doesn't dry out the less oily parts of my face.

I've stuck to my usual Amie morning dew moisturiser but I have been using a few drops of Sukin rosehip oil in place of moisturiser recently and I really like the dewy complexion it gives me. If I use a few drops before bed, my looks looks really clear and glowing when I wake up. I find it helps with evening out skin tone and redness.

I've seen lots of hype about the rotating facial cleanser brushes and I recently got a Spin Brush from Vanity Planet. I use it with my cleanser a few times a week to cleanse deeply and get any dirt and oil and such out of my pores. I find it really good!


I've been using coconut oil as a hair mask for a while now but it's only recently I've tried some of the products on the market. Lani and Hello Hair are two really nice coconut oil based leave in deep conditioning treatments that leave your hair in amazing condition and smelling wonderful.

I've been trying out the cruelty free extracts range from Superdrug which is a real bargain at only £1.99 at bottle. I'm trying to find alternatives to my beloved Lush that are going to suit my student budget at university better when I start in September!


I've been using this fab natural sugar and coffee body scrub from Body Blendz in the shower recently. I have the 'Suga Daddy' one, which good for targetting scars such as stretchmarks or acne, ingrown hairs and any little bumpy bits on your skin. I like using it on my pale and flaky winter legs to make the skin softer and nicer and it's a great thing to do before self tanning to make sure you don't get streaky, it gets rid of the dead skin for you.